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Representative Clients

Our clients include individuals, various companies and individuals in the entertainment industry, professional athletes (NBA, NFL, UFC) and various corporations in a wide variety of industries.

Our firm represents public and private companies, financial institutions, investors, entrepreneurs and private clients in various legal matters throughout the country. We are proud to represent a sophisticated client base made up of enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups to developing and emerging growth businesses to national and multinational corporations.

We represent clients who are engaged in a broad spectrum of industries and businesses, including entertainment, fashion, media and advertising, traditional manufacturing, health care, technology, biotechnology, non-profits, financial services, real estate, technology, energy and natural resources, consumer goods, hospitality, transportation, distribution and retailing.

Our firm’s attorneys have successfully handled cases against The New York Yankees, Fabio, Montel Williams, KRS-One, Anna Nicole Smith, Steven Seagal, Take-Two Entertainment, Phat-Farm, Sidney Kimmel, the Wu-Tang Clan and IMTA among countless other entertainment personalities and corporations and have obtained big dollar verdicts and settlements.

Below is a list of the representative clients that our attorneys have represented. We have chosen not to reveal the names of our actual clients due to attorney-client privilege issues.

Professional Athletes

  • Our clients play for various NFL and NBA teams including the New York Giants®, Minnesota Vikings®, San Antonio Spurs®, Oakland Raiders®, Detroit Lions®, Houston Rockets® and Orlando Magic®.We also represent a few race car drivers, MMA/UFC professional fighters and an NHL player.

Recording Artists

  • Top 10 Billboard® and Grammy® nominated


  • Grammy® and SESAC® award winning composers

Music producers

  • Billboard®

Music production companies

  • Billboard®

Music publishers

  • Grammy® award winning

Record labels

  • Top 10 Billboard®

Television and film producers

Government lobbying firms

Political Consulting firms

Professional models including supermodels

Television and video production companies

Talent agents and Talent Managers

Music Supervisors

Film Distributors

Film Financiers

Domestic and Foreign Banks

Domestic and Foreign Sales Agents.

Motion Picture Production companies

Entertainment Management companies

Helicopter and airplane charter companies

Model Management companies

Apparel Companies


Professional photographers

Promotion Companies


Mortgage Companies

Real Estate Companies

Graphic Design Companies

Automobile Service Centers

Construction Companies


Ticket agencies

Chambers of Commerce

Magazine Companies


Interior Decorating Companies

Insurance Companies

Consulting Companies

Medical Industry Companies

Technology Companies

Software Companies

Beauty Spas

Image Consulting Companies

Property Management Companies
Retail stores

Business Management companies

Government contractors





Senior Executives

Video Game developers

Digital Media and App Developers

Advertising agencies

Marketing companies

Public Relations firms

Talent Agencies

Personal and business managers

Commercial and music video production companies

Insurance industry corporations

Energy and utility companies

Retail businesses





Recording Studios



Concert and Event Producers

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