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Our Vision

At Richa Law Group, P.C., you get the best of both worlds in many different respects. You get a firm that is small enough to give you the personal attention you need while our “Law Group” affiliations provide our core group of attorneys support on an as needed basis. You get a firm that is one of the best local firms in the Maryland/Washington D.C./Virginia region but that also provides a national presence by maintaining offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami and plans on expanding soon to Atlanta and Chicago. You get attorneys who have handled large litigation cases and business transactions that make the television news and national newspaper headlines. You get a firm that offers straightforward, traditional analysis when necessary, but will also offer innovative, custom-tailored strategies since we pride ourselves on combining traditional lawyering with unique, creative legal problem solving solutions.

At Richa Law Group, P.C., we emphasize quality over quantity. Rather than retain as many clients as the firm possibly can, we instead choose our clients carefully and focus on providing them with quality legal services. We realize that most potential clients are drawn to the firm because of the stellar reputations that Tony Richa and our team of attorneys have earned, therefore Mr. Richa takes a hands on approach to all of our legal cases while working with our team of attorneys in the manner that is in our client’s best interest. From time to time, work is assigned to our affiliate attorneys, but we guarantee our clients that all legal work is overseen by Tony Richa so that the firm’s clients can be assured that they will receive the same quality level of service that they have always been accustomed to.

Tony Richa started Richa Law Group, P.C. in the same spirit that he built his reputation in the legal community – by wanting to serve his clients and earn their trust. Thus, Mr. Richa made sure to affiliate his firm with the best attorneys in the nation with varying practice areas of expertise so that the firm could handle all of our client’s legal matters and needs. We have the experts and the resources to fully support your needs – no matter how varied or complex. Our legal team is made up of attorneys licensed to practice law in the following states and jurisdictions: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, New York, California, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania . We also maintain working relationships with attorneys licensed in many other states and Mr. Richa has handled matters and litigated in jurisdiction all over the country through the filing of Pro Hac Vice Motions with attorneys in our legal network licensed in those jurisdictions.

Our dedication to client satisfaction and our results-oriented approach combined with the quality legal services and personal attention that our clients receive has distinguished us from our peers in the legal community. Our clients trust us with their legal needs and we honor that trust in all the legal services we render. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves with unmatched client service.

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