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Our founding Shareholder, Tony C. Richa, Esquire, is widely recognized as a prominent attorney in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. After starting his first law firm in 2004, Tony Richa realized that he would need to grow his operation in order to accommodate a growing client base who values his counsel and, therefore, prefer his involvement in and oversight of all their legal matters. As a result of this preference, Mr. Richa started Richa Law Group, P.C. and quickly established office locations in the major metropolitan areas where his client base would benefit the most. We now have offices in:

  • Maryland / Washington, D.C.

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles

  • Miami

Not only did Tony Richa provide his clients with access to law offices in these metropolitan areas, but he assembled a team made up of some of the best attorneys in the nation along with a top notch staff that could service Richa Law Group clients in those cities in an effort to provide even more opportunities for the firm's clients. Tony Richa has assembled a law firm comprised of a solid core group of attorneys who are listed on this website, and a network of other attorneys throughout the county and internationally with whom our team works closely with on cases both in the U.S. and abroad while remaining committed to the law firm's pledge to provide quality legal services.

Mr. Richa developed the "law group" concept that became the vision for our firm as a result of his dedication to the very same ideal that distinguishes us from other firms - an unparalleled commitment to serve the needs of our clients. This is what prompted Tony Richa to assemble a team of the best attorneys with expertise in the practice areas necessary to best serve our clients, to establish offices in four major metropolitan areas and to develop relationships with attorneys all over the country who have achieved great success in their respective specialties.

This firm was created with the intention of incorporating the advantages of both a large firm (national outreach and varied, integrated practice areas) and a small firm (personalized care/attention and reasonable rates) while minimizing the disadvantages of each. By keeping our core group of attorneys small, we ensure that we can give all of our clients the personalized attention that they deserve at reasonable rates – two features that are not prevalent at most large firms. On the other hand, creating a “Law Group” made up of specialized attorneys throughout the country enables us to provide our clients with quality legal services in a broad range of practice areas which is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a large firm. Thus, our firm assures competence in virtually every area of the law without sacrificing the personal attention that our clients seek. We provide a range of specialized capabilities typically found only in boutique firms while also providing the range of services typically found only in large firms. At Richa Law Group, P.C., we like to think of ourselves as a boutique law firm with large firm capabilities.

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