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We have a legal team made up of attorneys admitted to practice in many states and jurisdictions including Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, New York, California, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also have affiliated attorneys with whom we work that are licensed in other states throughout the county. Our legal team's expertise enables us to provide top-quality legal services in all of the practice areas listed in this section.

As you can see, we divide our practice areas into two categories: “ Core Practice Areas” and “ Ancillary Practice Areas”. Our “ Ancillary Practice Areas” are no less important and the attorneys who practice in these areas have no less expertise than our attorneys who practice in the “ Core Practice Areas.” The difference is that the majority of the clients we retain have cases that fall in the “ Core Practice Areas”. We are very selective with regard to the clients and cases we retain in our “ Ancillary Practice Areas,” however once we retain these clients they receive the same high quality legal services that the clients in our “Core Practice Areas” receive.

Please click on a practice area underneath the " Core Practice Areas" or " Ancillary Practice Areas" menus for more information about that area of law.

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