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Our firm has developed a number of specialized programs and packages for our clients. Many corporations do not wish to hire full-time, in-house counsel and approach us looking to retain our firm as their general counsel on an ongoing basis. As such, we have developed what we call our General Counsel Program. Additionally, we have many potential clients who come to us and need a variety of legal services. We have developed packages that bundle many of the agreements and services that our clients require in one package for one flat-fee that is discounted when compared to what our clients would pay if they had this legal work done on a piecemeal basis.

Below are some descriptions of the programs and packages that we offer. Depending on your circumstances, we will also custom design and tailor a package that is best suited to your individualized needs whether you are a start-up, large publicly traded corporation a small company or an individual looking to protect his or her interests.

General Counsel Program

At some point, all businesses need attorneys that respond quickly to the legal problems facing the company and help company management understand the legal risks, liabilities, and opportunities that are facing their companies. Yet, the perceived high cost of such legal counsel leave many small to mid-sized businesses without adequate legal representation and, consequently, place their companies in unnecessary jeopardy.

Clients participating in Richa Law Group’s General Counsel Program enjoy affordable legal assistance that enables management to make sound decisions in a cost effective and timely manner. Whether your business requires legal advice about corporate formation, contract drafting and negotiation, employment and labor law compliance issues, or representation in business litigation matters, Richa Law Group is available to assist your company.

Don't make the mistake of ignoring your company's legal needs. By enrolling in the General Counsel Program, your company can avoid the significant overhead of maintaining an in-house attorney, while being assured that your company’s legal needs are addressed.

Our General Counsel Program packages are customized to your particular business. Some of the features of this program include the following: a fixed annual retainer with regard to certain corporate/business work and matters that eliminates uncertainty about legal fees, unlimited telephone consultations with corporate ownership/management (some restrictions may apply), reduced hourly fees for work outside the scope of the annual retainer, reduced hourly rates for any litigation needs that may arise and a low hourly pay-as-you-go rate that applies to all of our firm's attorneys sometimes resulting in an over 60% reduction in your legal bill.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Richa Law Group to discuss whether the General Counsel Program can help your company, please click here to contact us.

* The exact costs and scope of services will be determined before Richa Law Group, P.C. undertakes representation of your company. The amount of the annual retainer and/or your hourly rates will depend on the needs of your company. Other terms and conditions may apply as appropriate or required.

Workshops & Seminars

Our attorneys offer workshops and seminars to organizations of all sizes. We can custom design workshops and seminars to cover any subject matter that falls within any of the practice areas that you see on this website. Our workshops and seminars can be as general or as specific as your organization desires. Not only will our attorneys speak at these workshops and seminars, but we will also bring in industry leaders and other experts to discuss various topics. Depending on the subject matter, we will also feature some of the professional athletes, entertainers or other celebrities that we represent. Our executive conference room seats 30 people comfortably and is available for workshops and seminars. Additionally, we can go to your place of business or you can hire us to conduct a workshop and/or seminar at a corporate retreat location. If you are looking to organize an off-site corporate retreat, we can also assist you in pulling off a successful, educational and enjoyable retreat. We will provide all the necessary materials and media necessary for the workshop or seminar. Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a workshop or seminar.

New Business Package

We offer various customized packages that not only get businesses started, but give new businesses all of the tools that they need to succeed in their particular industry. The first step involves a business and tax analysis to determine which corporate structure is the most beneficial given your individual circumstances. We can create any corporate structure that best suits your business such as an LLC, PC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, general partnership or limited partnership. From there, we can customize a package that includes what you need to get started as well as what you will need to operate in your chosen industry. A sample of a typical new business package includes, but is not limited to, the following: preparation and filing of Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, drafting of a corporate Operating Agreement or Shareholder’s Agreement, drafting of corporate Bylaws, Organizational Consent, preparation and filing of the appropriate IRS tax form to secure your tax status, preparation and filing of the SS-4 with the IRS to secure your corporation’s EIN number, a detailed letter from us explaining the rights, duties and responsibilities of your new corporation and how it should be run, trademark registration, and the drafting of various contracts that your business will need to begin operating and to run sucessfully..

Record Label Package

These packages are custom-designed for your label regardless of how new or how advanced your company is. If you are a new label, our package will include much of the same work found in our New Business Package. In addition, our record label packages often include Recording Artist Agreements, Engagement Agreements, Production Agreements, Record Release Agreements and Distribution Agreements.

Entertainment Management Company Package

These packages are custom-tailored for your management company and will change depending on whether you are a start-up or have been operating successfully for some time. If you are a new management company, our package will include much of the same work found in our New Business Package. In addition, our management company packages often include the drafting and negotiation of Management Agreements to be entered into between the management company and the recording artists, various Production Agreements, a Finder’s Fee Agreement and a Booking Engagement Agreement.

Band Incorporation or Partnership

In addition to the work found in our New Business Package, these packages often include a Band Agreement outlining the rights, duties and responsibilities of each band member, Publishing Agreements, Songwriter Agreements, Production Agreements, Session Player Agreements, Booking Agent Agreements, exclusive Employment/Loan Out Agreements for the group, ASCAP registration and registration of copyrights of the group’s songs.

Wealth Management Packages

We can customize packages for individuals that include the drafting of wills, creation of trusts, estate planning, directives for health care, asset protection, business succession planning, post-mortem planning, drafting of Powers of Attorney and retirement planning.

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