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Civil Rights Law

It is only natural for a law firm made up of such community minded individuals to have attorneys who vigorously pursue civil rights issues on behalf of our clients. As Americans, we have many rights but these rights are often violated by the State, the Federal Government and various corporations in a wide range of industries.

Our attorneys aggressively pursue our client’s civil rights while being mindful of the often high costs associated with pursuing these matters. Many civil rights claims overlap with our other practice areas such as labor and employment (i.e. wrongful termination) or business law (i.e. improper Non-Compete Agreements), so please read about our other practice areas if such overlap exists.

We have pursued cases affecting individual consitutional rights that have garnered mainstream press as a result of the constituional questions presented.

We have the capacity to represent you with regard to all of your civil rights issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Access to Services
Age Discrimination
Constitutional Issues
EEOC Claims
Family and Medical Leave
Gender Discrimination
Housing Discrimination
Invasion of Privacy
Police Brutality
Police Misconduct
Racial Discrimination
Racial Profiling
Religious Discrimination
School Law
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Wrongful Imprisonment

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