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Intellectual Property Law

Patent, copyright and trademark laws exist to protect your music, literature, inventions, names, symbols and artwork. We understand that these things are the cornerstone of any successful business enterprise and, as such, we work diligently to protect your intellectual property.

We also realize that the Internet and other new technologies are constantly increasing the speed and ease with which our clients' protected works can be illegally adapted, reproduced, and distributed which is why our attorneys take the appropriate steps to prevent these problems from arising. Our law firm stays up-to-date on the rapidly changing digital media landscape and changes being made to U.S. and foreign copyright laws in reaction to technological advances. We are well prepared to assist clients in protecting their "new media" creations and also well-versed in protecting their more traditional creative works and understand the rules and limitations in using existing copyrighted materials. Our patent attorneys work with companies, organizations, universities, and individuals to draft and prosecute patent applications covering their technologies to meet their business needs.

Despite all of our preventative measures, if problems still arise and another company or individual steals or infringes upon your intellectual property, our litigation team acts aggressively by either sending cease and desist letters, filing restrictive injunctions or filing lawsuand and pursuing your intellectual property matter aggressively in court. As we say at Richa Law Group, "we make your business personal." We protect your intellectual property and protect your business because we know how important unique ideas are and how personal they are to our clients. Litigating trademark and patent cases in court can be complex and costly so we will take all the appropriate measures so that you avoid litigation, but will act swiftly and aggressively should litigation become necessary.

We have the capacity to represent you with regard to all of your intellectual property issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Confidentiality Agreements
Securing Copyright Registrations
Protecting Copyright Registrations
Counseling our clients on the reproduction, distribution, performance and/or display of existing copyrighted works owned by others
Obtaining copyright clearance
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Software Development
Trade secrets
Trade Secrets
Unfair Competition and Trade
Web development agreements
Web hosting agreements

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