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Contract Law

The ability of individuals, corporations and other entities to enter into binding and legally enforceable contracts is truly one of the cornerstones of a civilized society. More specifically, contract law is a cornerstone of almost all of our law firm’s practice areas. Contract law has evolved into an extremely complex and intricate component of our modern legal system. As contracts increase in size, scope, value or complexity, the need for competent legal advice also increases.

At Richa Law Group, we understand that well-drafted, thorough contracts will almost always result in our clients avoiding litigation and other problems down the road. On the other hand, written contracts that are ambiguous or poorly drafted lead to more problems than they solve and our attorneys are often hired to rewrite contracts prepared by other law firms or attempt to minimize the damage caused by poorly written contracts. Contract drafting is both an art and a science and our attorneys are experienced in drafting a wide variety of contracts in many areas of law. Please click on any of our other practice areas for specific descriptions of some of the types of contracts that we can draft for you.

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