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We represent our corporate and business clients by assisting them with every aspect of running and operating a business. We regularly draft, review and negotiate business agreements and transactions as well as offer advice regarding possible business ventures and ideas.

It is very common for our corporate and business law attorneys to introduce our clients to other corporations or individuals with whom a synergy exists and with whom our clients could do business. As we explain in the litigation section of our website, our attorneys attempt to avoid future lawsuits and disputes that our clients may face by drafting meticulously thorough contracts and agreements.

We offer comprehensive capabilities, from planning to implementing an array of business and financial transactions. Our firm has served companies, partnerships, investors, investment bankers, lenders, entrepreneurs and others in the structuring, negotiating and consummating a wide variety of private and public commercial transactions. We provide transactional and general counsel services to the boards and management of public and private companies.

Our firm assists clients at every stage with a broad range of corporate and business law services. We carry start-up companies from inception to business planning to initial rounds of private finance; counsel seasoned companies through the creation of corporate policies and benefits plans, the completion of initial public offerings, the filing of periodic reports and the maintenance of shareholder relations; and guide established companies as they conduct additional financing, enter into joint ventures, and execute mergers and acquisitions.

Our firm’s work with entrepreneurial clients often begins with an analysis of the type of entity best suited to meet client objectives, later assisting clients in the initial formation of the ventures, including agreements among founders, license agreements, documentation for the transfer of property and an assessment of intellectual property matters. After formation, we assist emerging clients in structuring licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreements; employment agreements; stock option plans; and business acquisition agreements.

We understand that our clients want us to help them meet their long-term business goals as well as take care of immediate transactional needs. Our firm has brought together a highly experienced group of transaction attorneys who act as long-term, trusted business advisors to our clients. Our goal is to know your business/industry as well as you do, and to help you anticipate your future needs.

We have the capacity to represent you with regard to all of your corporate and business matters including, but not limited to, the following:

Asset Securitizations
Asset Protection
Asset Purchases
Banking & Financial Services
Breach of Contract issues
Business Acquisition Agreements
Business Combinations
Business Financing
Business Formation
Business Planning
Business Succession
Buy-sell Agreements
Choice of Entity
Commercial Agreements
Commercial Transactions
Confidentiality Agreements
Contract Negotiation and Drafting
Corporate Agreements
Corporate Investigations
Debt Financings
Demo Deals
Distribution Agreements
Employee Stock Issuances
Employee Stock Option Programs
Employment Agreements
Employment Contracts
Enforcing and Terminating Contracts
Equipment Leases
Equity Compensation
Executive Compensation
Executive Employment and Compensation Planning
Fiduciary Obligations
Financial & Tax Issues
Financing and Secured Lending
General Counsel Services (insert link)
Government Regulation
Health Care
Intellectual Property
International Transactions
Joint Ventures
Labor and Employment issues
Licensing Arrangements
Loan Agreement & other Financing Instruments
Management and Leveraged Buy-outs
Management and Shareholder issues
Manufacturing Agreements
Mergers & Acquisitions
Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Operating Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Phantom Stock Plans
Private Placements
Protection of Assets
Protection of Intellectual Property assets
Proxy Filings
Public Company Disclosure Issues
Public Offerings
Real Estate Contracts
Regulatory Compliance
Separation of a Shareholder/Owner from a Corporation
Shareholder’s Agreements
State and Federal Securities Law Compliance
Stock Option Plans
Stock Purchases
Strategic Relationships
Tax Planning
Tender Offers
Uniform Commercial Code
Vendor, Agreements
Venture Capital Financing

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