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We have all heard the saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” In other words, a person or company that does many different things will not be a master at any one thing. While this saying is valid, the framework at Richa Law Group changes this a bit.

We understand that you want an attorney who is a master in the areas of law for which you hire him or her. However, we also understand that individuals and corporations often have complex legal issues that overlap many different areas of law and that clients would like to be able to rely on the same firm for their varied legal issues. This is why “Law Group” is in the name of our company. We are exactly that – A GROUP of stellar attorneys throughout the country handpicked by Tony C. Richa to best serve our clients.

When Mr. Richa started the firm, he assembled a network of attorneys who are among the best in their chosen practice areas. If you have a legal issue in an area of law that Tony Richa does not specialize in or that requires a large team of attorney to handle, the firm will assign you an attorney or group of attorneys in our network who are experts in the work that you need done. Nevertheless, Mr. Richa will still oversee all the work, perform legal work himself and communicate with you regularly to ensure that the legal services provided to conform to the unparalleled Richa Law Group standard of client service.

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