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All of our attorneys have a results oriented approach to the practice of law. OK, so what does that mean? It means that our attorneys are always mindful of the end result and we “keep our eye on the ball”. When you hire an attorney, you hire an attorney with specific goals in mind. These goals often get lost in the shuffle between the time that you hire your attorney and your matter is concluded. There are a few common reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, sometimes the attorney and client get involved in complex legal matters and get distracted from the true goals the client originally had. Attorneys will often get wrapped up in winning every little battle. At Richa Law Group, P.C., we are more concerned with winning the war. Also, attorneys and clients can sometimes get too emotional and veer off the path on which they should hold steadfast. Our attorneys are very meticulous and will work with our clients to make sure that the client’s best interests are protected.

You may find yourself asking, why don’t all law firms practice this results oriented approach? The simple reason is money. The most common reason that many attorneys do not practice law with our results-oriented approach comes down to dollars and cents. All law firms are businesses and the goal of every business is to make money. In this regard, we are no different. But there are a few ways in which our approach is different than that of many law firms. Once you hire a law firm, many firms will attempt to maximize profits and their job becomes to generate as much money as possible. This means billing you as many hours as possible whether those hours are really necessary to achieve your goals or not. This does not encourage attorneys to settle your matters in the most cost effective way possible.

At Richa Law Group, we believe that our results-oriented approach may cost us some money in the short-term, but reaps substantial rewards in the long-term. Our clients realize that we always have their best interest in mind and we realize that this will ensure that our clients remain our clients for the long haul. Sometimes a client’s best interest may not be the same as an attorney’s best interest. At Richa Law Group, we believe that your best interest IS ALWAYS our best interest.

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