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At Richa Law Group, we understand that litigation is often costly and emotionally draining. Thus, we do our best to avoid litigation by adhering to our “ results oriented approach” while practicing what we like to call “preventative law”. Similar to preventative medicine, this means that we take all reasonable steps and measures to protect you so that you are less susceptible to being sued or having to file a suit to protect your rights. While we recognize the importance of litigation, we also believe in the value of resolving disputes through other means.

Litigation is essential for resolving some differences, but alternative dispute resolution offers many potential benefits including: time and monetary savings; greater flexibility, control, and opportunity to preserve rather than destroy relationships; the chance to craft solutions not available in the courtroom; greater confidentiality; and quicker closure. In representing our clients, our litigators select the appropriate mechanism commensurate with the needs of the client and the importance of the matter in order to reach a prompt, sensible and economic resolution.

Despite our adherence to "preventative law" and our committment to alternative dispute resolution, sometimes a person or corporation has no choice but to file a lawsuit to protect their interests and sometimes during the course of a person or corporation’s life they will be sued. When litigation is necessary or unavoidable, our law firm’s goal is to approach the litigation as problem solvers and attempt to resolve legal matters as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible while also acting swiftly and aggressively. We promise our clients that we will take all available measures to control the costs and risks of litigation.

Each litigation matter receives our prompt and skilled attention and the support of the other practice groups in the Firm. Our litigation attorneys have extensive experience litigating matters in a wide range of forums and areas of law. We have represented private and public entities at the trial and appellate levels of federal and state courts, in federal and state agency proceedings, and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as arbitration and mediation. Our attorneys are also able to represent clients in class actions, complex multi-party cases, and cases requiring a coordinated multi-jurisdiction strategy.

Due to the multitude of litigation matters we have handled, our litigation attorneys have extensive experience with the breadth of remedies that are sought in business cases from lost profits to receiverships to injunctions to specific performance to an array of consequential damages claims. Our attorneys have worked with many expert witnesses from numerous professional disciplines and are skilled at distilling complex business and transactional subject matters to make them more accessible to jury members.

Additionally, smaller clients are often at an extreme disadvantage when they are taking on larger corporations in civil/commercial litigation or the State in criminal litigation. Our law firm levels the playing field by preparing cases diligently, often engaging in “mock trials” which are practice trials where we put our clients in the same situations that they will be in once they get to court.

We have the capacity to represent you with regard to all of your litigation matters in a broad array of substantive law practice areas including, but not limited to, the following:




Breach of Warranty


Business Torts

Civil RICO

Civil Rights

Class Actions


Constitutional Questions

Construction Disputes


Consumer Protection


Copyright Infringement

Corporate, Business & Commercial


Criminal and Civil Tax issues





Financial Services

Food and Beverage


Government Contracts

Insurance and Insurance Coverage

Intellectual Property

International Trade


Labor and Employment
Life, Health and Disability Litigation

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Regulatory Issues

Residential and Commercial Real Estate



State and Federal Appellate Practice



Tortuous Interference

Trademark Infringement

Trusts, Estates, Wills and Probate

Unfair Business Practices

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